Offers Highest Scrap Metal and CRV Prices in San Jose, CA

Aluminum Can

SAN JOSE METALS RECYCLING offers the highest scrap metal and CRV prices in San Jose, California. Simply drop off your materials, and we will help you segregate them. You can park at our back gate, and we will bring you a bin. If you have your materials separated, you can usually leave within just 10 minutes.

Scrap Metals
When it comes to scrap metals, we beat competitors’ pricing. We accept all kinds, including:

• Copper • Aluminum (5% More If Still Shiny) • Brass • Stainless Steel
Glass and Plastic
We also accept glass and all types of plastic, whether it’s CRV or non-CRV. For non-metal items, we offer standard rates.
Contact us in San Jose, California, and earn more with our competitive scrap plastic and scrap metal prices.